What’s in my knitting bag?

I knit almost anywhere and have a go to bag that’s always within reach, ready for a row or ten. Knitting, for me, isn’t just braiding and guiding a length of yarn around two needles. It’s an effective remedy for an overactive mind and fantastic expression of creativity.

My Zabadoo Shawl in progress, posing in the sun with my Bahia Bucket Bag.
Shawl: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/BaahYarns/zabadoo
Bucket Bag: http://www.bahiart.co.za/product/bags-to-keep-your-stash/

1.My knitting bag

I use a fabric bucket designed by Michele at Bahia Art. It’s perfect for the couch and around the house. It’s deep enough to hold up to six 100g yarn cakes, and is designed with a flat bottom to stand by itself.

2. Needles

My favorite needles by far is the gorgeous Lykke Driftwood circular needles (and believe me, Lykke does make happy!) I also have short tipped bamboo lace needles that are an absolute dream to work with.

3. Wax Paper

I always keep a piece of wax paper in my “on the go bag.” We’ve all had beautiful yarn that clings to needles like super glue and the wax paper will make those needles glide. Just rub the wax paper over the needles a few times and you’re good to go.

4. Scissors

Right at the bottom of my bag is a pair of tiny gold embroidery scissors. They’re great for cutting ends (and pretty much anything else!).

5. Stitch markers

I always have a pair of extra stitch markers in my bag. We’ve all lost one at a crucial moment!

6. My iPad Pencil

I keep my iPad pencil close because it’s great to mark patterns as I progress and I often work on my own designs on the fly. I have a virtual sketch book with more than 10 sketches in (I just need to come up with another pair of hands!).

7. Lip balm

My lips get crazy dry while I knit and I honestly couldn’t be without a lip balm!

What’s in your knitting bag?

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