At Baah Yarns + Fibre Art we dye only locally produced and ethically sourced fibres.

Our lineup of favorite fibres and yarns include merino, kidmohair, alpacca and silk. Each hank is lovingly dyed with fine tuned inspiration using high quality acid dyes that are not harmful to the environment. 

We use collected rain water to dye and rinse our yarns and fibres after which they are wind dried in the African Sun. Our colours are light fast and colour fast meaning they won’t fade or wash out. 

When I’m not in the dye studio, you can find me running after my one year old daughter, Olivia, or knitting on a variety of natural fibre shawls and garments. Sometimes I even dream of dusting off my loom for some weaving, or my spinning wheel for some handspun yarn. I am also a huge coffee fan, an animal lover and an avid reader. Occasionally I dabble in DIY projects and a bit of fiction writing.

Yarns are dyed in small batches of 4-8 skeins, so please make sure that you order enough yarn for your project as dye lots do vary between batches, and colourways may not match.

When photographing our yarns and fibres, we do our best to capture colours accurately; however, please remember colours can vary from monitor to monitor.


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Hi, I’m Natasha. I started Baah Yarns + Fibre Art out of a love for cold winters and warm yarns. I use colour as a form of creative expression & I find my inspiration from life. 

The name ‘Baah’ comes from the nursery rhyme I sing to my daughter. It also refers to the various blends of pure merino yarn that I dye.


Though our Studio is not yet open to the public, it is nonetheless a beautiful creative space with views over our birdlife rich garden

Photography for our website and blog is done in-studio at a designated natural light set up. We use a range of natural elements in our photos like dried Proteas, hand picked stones and seashells from Cape Town’s finest beaches and our 100% kiaat wood background. Nothing could be better than this ultimate expression of creativity!

Our yarns are hanked by hand, dyed by hand, skeined by hand and labeled by hand. Truly every part of Baah Yarns is done by hand and with a love and passion for expressing ourselves. Each hank is carefully inspected for defects before sending them off to their new homes.

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